dreamy life records
Dreamy Life Records and Music is a North Texas-based record label, record store, and recording studio. “We support national and local artists with professional studio recordings, releases, in-store events, local compilations, booking, and promotion,” says Cameron Smith, one of Dreamy Life’s co-founders.

Smith and the other co-founders are passionate about providing space and resources for the thriving music and arts community in North Texas. Since opening five years ago, Dreamy Life Records has released more than 55 albums with more on the horizon.

Using a smart version of “coworking space,” Dreamy Life is located inside a music venue and bar called Main at South Side. In the store, you’ll find vinyl records, tapes, and CDs of all genres, as well as in-store performances and events that reflect the interest of the local music community.

“You’ll also find awesome custom gift cards designed by
Dreamy Life and manufactured by eCard Systems.”

The cards support the store’s brand, focus, and personality. Every time a gift card recipient opens their wallet, there’s a reminder of how much fun they could have tonight at Dreamy Life.

“We used to sell old paper gift certificates but switched over to plastic gift cards when we moved to our current location,” Smith says. “Gift cards go better with our new shinier and sleeker location.”

Even the backs of eCard gift cards stay sharp and readable far longer than other types of that use inferior manufacturing approaches and materials. This longevity provides an important, but overlooked, benefit: Users can reload their Dreamy Life gift cards countless times.

Dreamy Life Records uses gift cards in a variety of ways. In addition to displaying them at the point of sale, Dreamy Life uses gift cards to help them reach the goal of creating and building community in their store, neighborhood, and region.