Sweet Cow Ice Cream’s Sweetest Gift Card Ever!

sweet cow ice cream
“We truly love our logo,” says Maureen (Mo) O’Neill, the Sweet Cow Ice Cream ambassador, field agent and official logo lover-in-chief. “It represents sheer bovine happiness!”

With such logo love, it’s no surprise that the Sweet Cow mascot—a blue, smiling cow—appears on the gift cards for the Colorado-based company’s six shops. It’s their self-declared “sweetest gift card ever.”

Actually, the Sweet Cow logo shows up everywhere. “It made perfect sense to pair our logo with the Colorado flag,” O’Neill says of the prominent display of the mascot on the company’s gift cards.

Having a great gift card program starts with having a great product, O’Neill says. “If you have a great product or experience, customers will want to share it with others,” she explains.

“A gift card is the perfect way to share the love.”

Maureen (Mo) O’Neill, Sweet Cow Ice Cream Ambassador and Field Agent

“Our gift card marketing strategy is very simple: We place them right by our checkout counters so they are within easy grabbing distance,” she says. “Our gift cards can be purchased in our shops or online. And with the help of eCard Systems, the cards can be used at any shop—and even on our ice cream truck, the MooMobile.”

O’Neill explains that the company’s goal is to make their gift cards both visually appealing and easily accessible for their customers. Sweet Cow’s “moo crew” doesn’t hard-sell anything—including gift cards, she says. “We are always focused on providing great products and services, and we know that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing,” she says. “So we are thrilled when people purchase gift cards for birthday gifts, teacher and employee appreciation days, anniversaries and more,” she says.