About Us

eCard Systems is an experienced, market-proven supplier of complete gift, loyalty and stored-value card systems to the retail, restaurant and service industries.

Our range of products and services allow small, single-location merchants and franchise companies with hundreds of locations to implement a variety of highly-profitable card programs. Gift cards are our core product, not just a poorly understood add-on as is the case with most offerings by credit card processors.

Credit Card Independence
Although they may function on the same POS equipment, eCard Systems' card programs operate independently from your credit card processing agreement. This independence gives our customers the freedom to choose or change their credit card processing provider at any time without having to shut down and start a new gift card program from scratch.

eCard Systems is focused on providing results-getting products, systems and services at the lowest possible cost without cutting corners on quality. For example, we could sell thermal-printed cards (at a slightly lower price) instead of the industry's top standard: credit-card quality, heat-press laminated cards. But you and your customers would notice the difference.

We believe that paying a little less for an inferior product is ultimately not in the best interest of our customers. Gift cards are a product just like anything else in your inventory. How your gift cards and packaging looks and feels can affect sales by 100% or more.

Fortunately, because of the large volume of card production we do, eCard Systems' customers do not pay a premium for the premium-quality cards we produce for them. That's the value we strive to deliver in every product and service we offer.


  • Gift and loyalty card systems
    - from one to hundreds of merchant locations
  • Plastic card printing
    - certified production for most POS systems and card programs
    - complete design services
    - clear, shaped, matte finish, sparkle finish and other specialty production options
  • Merchandising
    - stock & custom gift card holder printing, countertop displays
  • Equipment
    - gift & loyalty card terminals / equipment / software
  • Gift Card Marketing
    - promotional piece printing, card affixing, mailing services