Data security & integrity is everything.
It's your customers' money.
  • All data is protected by dual firewalls, data encryption, real-time backup, location redundancy (two mirrored systems in separate parts of the country) and indefinite power generation in the event of electrical outage.

  • Your Card Terminal or POS System provides communication with the Data Center for accessing card balance information, recording transactions, and loading or redeeming card value. The terminal also displays responses from the Data Center to transaction requests.

  • Cards are easily and securely activated, redeemed and reloaded in real time at the Point of Sale.

  • A Daily Batch report generated by the POS terminal produces a summary of transactions for that terminal.

  • A variety of detail and summary reports show all transactions by location captured on the host database during a specified time period.

  • Reports are available 24/7 online via password protected, secure login.

  • Customer support to each merchant location is provided toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

system uptime
means you're
always in business.