One program,
many business-building applications.
Key features & functions include:
  • process transactions using a credit card terminal, iPad, any PC with internet acces or all 3. POS-integrated options also available
  • phone number substitution (if a customer loses or forgets to bring their card)
  • online balance check easily added to your website
  • each terminal or iPad provides an end of day report showing transactions processed for reconciliation to POS system
  • require a clerk ID to be entered for transactions if desired
  • online login access to run a variety of other card program reports, export customer emails for marketing, etc.
  • terminal provides a gift card receipt, iPad can print or email receipt
  • run 4 types of loyalty programs: points, points-to-dollars, electronic punch card & discount cards at the same time
  • keep your Gift/Prepaid Card transactions & balances separate from Promotional cards for accurate accounting
  • process transactions on multiple iPads or terminals and multiple store locations all using the same cards
  • cross-location transaction tracking and reporting enables accurate financial management of multi-location, multi-owner programs
Card programs overview:
Gift Card Sales
Merchants use a variety of displays to promote their Gift Cards near the check-out register along with paper card holders for gift giving. When a customer purchases a Gift Card with cash, check, or credit card, the clerk then swipes a gift card through a POS card terminal or other device and executes an Add Value transaction to record the value for that card in the host database. The funds paid remain in the merchant's bank account and the gift card is then used to keep track of that value until fully redeemed.
Gift Card Redemptions
When a gift card is presented for full or partial payment of a purchase, the clerk again swipes the card through POS device and executes a Redeem Value transaction for the purchase amount, or the full value of the card. The available balance of any card can quickly be determined with a Balance Lookup transaction.
Reward & Discount Cards
Several types of incentive programs may be implemented along with gift cards: Open Rewards, Auto Rewards, Frequency Rewards, or a simple Discount Card.
With Auto Rewards, the system automatically adds a specified Reward Value to your customer's card when the required number of points have been accumulated.
For example: when 50 points are accumulated, $5 of spendable value is loaded on the card and the 50 points are removed. This cycle simply repeats, which continually motivates the customer to return as they have points and/or reward dollars on their card at all times. >>More Info

Reload Incentives
Merchants may offer an incentive to customers to encourage card reloading. This works well for merchants with high repeat business customers such as coffee shops and car washes. For example, when a customer purchases a $50 reload, they'll actually receive a $60 reload.
Data Processing
Transactions are processed in real time in a closed loop debit network and transmitted from the point of sale to a central Data Center. The transaction is authorized, the data record for the card is updated and an approval or other information is transmitted to the POS terminal for generating a receipt. >>More Info
A variety of program management reports are available 24/7 online. You may generate Transaction Detail or Summary reports for specified periods of time, or a Cross Location report that reconciles card redemptions at merchant locations other than where the card was originally purchased, such as a franchise chain. >>More Info
Gift Cards & The Law
Many states have passed laws governing the use of dormant account fees and expiration dates for prepaid gift cards. In addition, federal law requires gift card value to be maintained for a minimum of 5 years from date of issue. Most merchants these days have adopted and even advertise a "no fee, no expiration" policy for their gift cards. >>More Info
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