When you wish upon a star.

You get the most effective way to run all the card programs you need to achieve your business potential. Runs independently alongside your iPad POS system or credit card processing app, so you are free to change those services at any time without losing your card programs in the process.

Here are some of the capabilities you’ll have at your fingertips.

The 5 best, market-proven, sales-boosting card programs — all in one powerful app.

Gift Cards:
Easy as pie. Display at the point of sale and watch them fly.

Prepaid Cards:
Customers like to buy these for convenience or extra value. Great for coffee shops, car washes, frozen yogurt shops and even retirement communities. Any business with frequent-purchase customers.

Promotional Cards:
What gets more results than a $10 coupon? A $10 gift card. Use promo cards to bring in new customers and keep your accountant happy by tracking promo dollars separately from prepaid or gift card dollars.

Loyalty/Reward Cards:
Never let a customer leave without a reason to come back. Replace your paper punch cards with electronically tracked punches and awards, offer multiple types of rewards with a points-based program, or automatically convert points to reward dollars in whatever amount you choose.

Discount Cards:
Simple and effective for driving repeat visits. Set the rate and go.

Change program settings in a flash.

  • Password-protected access to adjust the values of your loyalty, punch card and discount card programs, manage clerk IDs, or update receipt content.
  • Select your most-used card program as the default for extra-quick access.

Receipts, of course.

  • Transaction and balance information for all card types.
  • Print or email to customer.
  • Quickly void and redo any transaction if an error is made.

Capture & manage customer information.

  • Enter data such as customer name, address, phone & email address.
  • Associate up to 4 different cards with each customer.
  • Look up any customer by name or phone number to edit info.
  • Replace a lost card or process transaction without card present.
  • Export emails or addresses to your favorite marketing program.

Built-in barcode reader means no worries about swiper compatibility.

  • Yes, the eCard app is compatible with many iPad POS system swipers.
  • But there are a growing number of proprietary encrypted swipers that cannot be used for both credit/debit cards and gift or loyalty cards.
  • Our QR-coded cards ensure you can scan your gift cards no matter what.
  • Plus, our “smart” QR codes let your customers check their card balances
    with their smart phones.*

And the really good news? No transaction fees.

Choose from 3 low-cost, flat-rate options with no
contract term. Upgrade at any time.

Option 1 – Unlimited Basic: $14.95 per month

  • Unlimited transactions processed and stored at our PCI-compliant data center
  • For small merchants, 1 iPad or terminal, single-store card program
  • Includes all program features and functions

Option 2 – Unlimited Plus: $19.95 per month

  • Unlimited transactions processed and stored at our PCI-compliant data center
  • Single store or multiple locations
  • Up to 5 iPads or terminals per business location
  • Customers can look up their card balances online, on their smartphones, or register their cards for security — through your website!

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