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Frequently asked questions about the integrated Gift Card Program for your Clover POS from eCard Systems.

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Q: Why electronic gift cards vs paper certificates?

The electronic gift card has become the standard gift-giving product for successful merchants large and small. The primary reasons are:

  • Increased Sales – the ability to display and promote gift cards as a distinct product allows merchants to significantly boost their prepaid gift sales
  • Reloadability – merchants such as coffee shops and other frequent-purchase types of businesses may encourage their customers to reload their cards for convenience or to receive extra value or discounts
  • Funds Retention – unused value remains on the card to bring the customer back again to use up the balance
  • Security & Time Savings – electronic tracking reduces fraud and losses associated with paper gift certificates and manual accounting procedures
  • Multi-location tracking – from small regional chains to national franchises, an electronic card program accounts for cards purchased and redeemed at different locations and allows for monthly funds reconciliation.

Q: How does the eCard program work with my Clover system?

The eCard Gift Card app is fully integrated into the Clover Register software. You can sell a gift card, add value, apply gift card value to a customer purchase along with other payment methods and look up the balance of any card.

When you install the eCard app, “gift card” is automatically set up as a tax-exempt product in Clover and a new payment option called “eCard Tender” is created.

Clover Screen - Gift Cards
Clover Screen - eCards Program

Sell a gift card within Clover just like any other product. Transactions are processed in real time, so card value is immediately available. If a customer uses only part of the gift card value for a purchase, any remaining balance stays on the card for future use.

Q: How do I sign up and get started?

  1. Sign up and order your cards via the Clover Startup Order Page
    • upload or email your logo or finished card artwork
    • we will create an online proof for your review and approval
  2. Download the eCard Gift Card app from the Clover Marketplace
  3. Once you approve your card proof, we will produce your cards and provide your username and account key so you may activate the Gift Card app in Clover.
  4. Contact us with questions about any card program detail:

Q: Who do I contact for technical support?

Q: Is there a contract term or additional costs & fees?

Your card program agreement is month to month and you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. There are no per-transaction fees, tech support fees, or other hidden costs. Other than the cost of your gift cards and any other products you decide to purchase, the flat monthly fee (currently $19.95) paid through your Clover account will be your only cost. Your initial startup month is FREE.

Q: How do I order more gift cards and card holders?

eCard Systems provides the widest range of card production and gift card holder options in the industry.

CARDS: from 3 day quick cards to premium-quality laminate finished cards in gloss or satin matte finishes and fast turnaround UV-finished cards, we have all of your card needs covered. Order Cards Here

HOLDERS: choose from the huge variety of stock holders, sleeves and envelopes we offer, or customize any of them for a fully branded combination.

CARD ARTWORK SPECS: the finished size of a gift card is 3.375″ x 2.125″. Full bleed artwork should be provided at 3.5″ x 2.25″. Card Graphics Specs PDF

DESIGN: if you don’t have a graphic designer to create your artwork layout, not to worry. You’ll have full access to our in-house design team who will work with you to achieve the look you want to reinforce your brand and promote gift card sales.

Q: How will I scan my eCard gift cards into Clover?

Your gift cards will each have a special QR code on the back that is quickly and easily scanned by the forward-facing camera scanner that is built in to the Clover stand. This same QR code also allows your customers to look up their card balances at any time using any QR code app on their smartphones.

Q: Can I transfer the card numbers and balances from my current gift card program?

In many cases yes. If the cards use at least a 12 digit number and you are able to obtain an accurate and current card balance report from the existing POS system or processor you are using. However, if your existing cards utilize a magnetic stripe, the card numbers will need to be keyed in manually as Clover’s encrypted magstripe reader cannot be used to scan them. Contact us for more details.

Q: How do I sell a gift card through Clover?

In your Clover Register, ring up the gift card sale just like any other customer purchase — either select one of the preset card value choices, or enter the desired card value. Once payment is received, the Clover Register will prompt you to scan a gift card and process an Add Value transaction for the desired value. Upon completion of the Add Value transaction, you are prompted to complete the sale and print the receipt. The card is immediately ready to be used at any participating store location.

Q: What is the difference between Gift Cards and Promotional Cards?

There is no difference in the functionality of the cards, both keep track of dollar value. But from an accounting and legal standpoint, the difference is significant. Promotional cards represent funds you are giving to the customer at no cost to them. Prepaid gift card value must generally be valid for a minimum of 5 years from date of issue. However, promotional card value may expire at any time you choose. The sale of a prepaid gift card results in receipt of revenue, but is not counted for income purposes until the value of the card is used to make an actual purchase in the future.

Q: Can the cards be used at multiple store locations?

Yes. Cards programs may be set up to accommodate individual stores or 1,000 or more locations as needed. And for multi-owner chains or franchise companies, the system also keeps track of cards that are purchased at one location and redeemed at another, so that funds can be transferred (usually once per month) to offset any cross-location redemptions.

Q: Are cards reloadable?

Yes. Gift Cards may be reloaded as many times as you wish. This is especially useful for a prepaid card program where the purchaser of the card is also the user. Often an incentive is offered to encourage customers to reload their cards. For example, you might offer to give a customer $55 worth of value for a $50 reload. Or, a free product or service with every reload. Get creative. The “add-value” feature provides many marketing opportunities to enhance customer relationships, increase purchase frequency, and build brand awareness.

Q: What type of reporting will I receive?

Merchants have 24/7 online administrative access to their card account which allows them to log in to run a variety of transaction reports such as transaction summary, detail and card balance reports.

Q: When should cards be reordered?

From January through September, production time for our best quality laminate finished cards is 12 to14 business days from proof approval to ship date. During the extra-busy, pre-holiday period of October through Christmas, production time will range from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks. However, there are other options for faster production time such as our 3-5-day QuickCards. Larger, multi-location merchants may want to produce an extra supply of cards which we can warehouse for immediate shipment as locations order.

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