Timing of Order Production and Shipping

Below is an outline of the timelines you can anticipate when ordering your gift cards. Understanding the key stages of the process, from design proof to card production and shipping, is vital to planning ahead and ensuring your order aligns with your target date or event. Please take note that the provided time frames are estimates and may be subject to exceptions, with factors such as order complexity, quantity, potential shipping delays, and the busier holiday season potentially affecting the overall timeline.

1) Proofs

After we receive artwork that meets production specifications, we’ll design your card, develop an electronic proof for you to approve and email it to you within 24–48 hours, excluding weekends and major holidays.

Please note that the clock on card production begins running as soon as you approve your proof. (We welcome changes to the process but it does add time to delivery.)

2) Production

Once you’ve signed your proof, normal card production turnaround is 10 to 12 business days, excluding weekends and major holidays. We’re making your cards right here in Nashville with exceptional quality. (Rush production, for an extra fee, is 7 to 8 days.)

3) Shipping

After your cards are produced, please allow 1-4 business days for ground shipping within the Continental U.S.

When To Expect Your Order:

Design Proof + Card Production + Shipping

Design Proof

1–2 business days to receive a card proof (without excessive changes)


Pre-designed Cards Production

3–5 business days for manufacturing, excluding weekends and major holidays


Custom Cards Production

10–12 business days for manufacturing, excluding weekends and major holidays



1–4 business days for shipping


4–18 business days total = 1 to 4 calendar weeks

In other words, if you’re producing your cards to meet a target date associated with an event or holiday, plan ahead and be sure you’re allowing enough time to make your deadline.

Rush Production

Rush Production is available for custom cards only (8-9 Business Days) +20% fee

*These are estimates and not guarantees; exceptions may apply during the holiday season or weather events.

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