Why care about gift card production quality?

Because great-looking cards generate more sales.

The printed quality of your gift cards for customers can significantly impact your business in several ways. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the gift cards you provide are of high quality.

Firstly, the printed quality of your gift cards can affect the perceived value of your business. If your gift cards are of low quality, customers may view your business as unprofessional, and it may leave a negative impression. On the other hand, if your gift cards are of high quality, they can create a positive image and enhance the perceived value of your business.

Secondly, the printed quality of your gift cards can influence the likelihood of repeat business. If customers receive a visually appealing gift card of high quality, they are more likely to use it and return to your business. A high-quality gift card also shows that you value your customers and their experience with your business, which can increase customer loyalty and retention.

Finally, the printed quality of your gift cards can affect your brand image. If your gift cards have a high-quality design, they can reinforce your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on customers. It can also serve as a form of advertising when customers gift the card to others or keep it in their wallet, which can further promote your brand.

In summary, the printed quality of your gift cards is important because it can affect the perceived value of your business, influence the likelihood of repeat business, and affect your brand image. Ensuring that your gift cards are of high quality can enhance your business’s reputation and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why eCard Systems?

Certified gift card printing, loyalty & prepaid card production for most POS systems & card programs.

Many types of card printing are available in the marketplace. It’s a good idea to be sure of what you are getting before you pay more for a lower quality card.

1. Best Quality, Laminate Finish

Those great-looking gift cards you see from top merchant brands are premium quality, full-color printed cards on a litho-grade PVC core, with a durable, heat-laminated gloss or satin matte finish. Like a credit card. Our specialty.

2. UV Finish

Many vendors offer a UV finish as their best quality card. It can look pretty good at first glance, but the spray-on finish just isn’t as hard and durable, the magnetic stripe has no protective layer and the card degrades more quickly.

3. Quick Cards

For emergency situations, or when you just need some cards fast while waiting for your regular order, 3 to 5-Day Quick Cards are the answer. >>Click to view

Printing / Encoding / Numbering

Right here in the USA, we produce many of the most creative and inspiring cards around. From brilliant, full-color images to translucent and metallic cards. Plus all the options for magstripes, encoding, numbering, barcoding, signature panel, scratch-off and foil stamping.

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